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Welcome toThe Hyneman Companies, the builder who's made new homes affordable.

We know that selecting and purchasing your new home is one of the most important and exciting decisions you will ever make. THE HYNEMAN COMPANIES is in step with a changing home-buying market by understanding that today's active lifestyle requires a home with more openness, more flexibility, more natural light, more conveniences - more imagination.

At THE HYNEMAN COMPANIES, each and every home we build is designed to help make your decision easier. In fact, our attention to the needs and desires of discerning buyers is just one of the many reasons hundreds of homebuyers have selected THE HYNEMAN COMPANIES as their builder. As a HYNEMAN COMPANIES home owner you can expect:

  • Innovative designs that go beyond walls and ceilings to create a form and function which eliminate wasted space, enhance natural lighting and make a dramatic statement in every square foot of living area.

  • Low maintenance exterior designs which promote a warm community feeling and reinforce the quality appearance of the neighborhood.

  • Desirable homes within close proximity to required community services and employment.

  • The best home value available today and for years to come.

Remember when homes were built to last? So does THE HYNEMAN COMPANIES. Homes were built honestly with quality materials, and with more than enough space for a family to grow into, and it took time to build a home that would last.

THE HYNEMAN COMPANIES not only remembers this quailty - we produce this quality. We build your home to be beautiful with all the amenities you've been looking for, such as large bedrooms, spacious kitchens, numerous closets and high ceilings. We also build your home to last in value, something unheard of today.

Welcome to THE HYNEMAN COMPANIES. We're in the best communities in the South, and we want you to be, too.

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